Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Just another day ~ a few more words ~ steps ahead to witness change & ~Acceptance~

Semantics in shades of blue....

We might lose our way in shades of blue...

We offer our world versions of rosy pink & for our family ~yellow & orange~
& well, ~All The Colours~
We frame it all by listening to & reading the words of others

Yet try to find & define our own voices & have our voices – all of our voices heard

Semantics cloud our views
Differences can create waves yet we learn to ride them out
We are in the middle, on the fence and just trying to live our daily lives
Yet are being encouraged and pushed and pulled in various directions

Life is never one dimensional...

... a spectrum a fitting term
We are not just blue ~ we are indeed “All Colours” and “All Voices” looking for acceptance

We are vibrant and alive and speak in different ways
...seeking acceptance ~ living our own version of acceptance

Without that one element ~ without acceptance
No matter what colour it appears to be

We could continue to be defined by the Blues & in the Blues and the Semantics
Or perhaps we will allow all of the colours we live day-to-day to light our way....

Photo Credits to Nicolas ~
he took them when he was 6 years old ~
May 2012 ~ School Trip to Around The Bend Farm
near Newmarket, ON


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